A Little Thing Called The "I-Mony"

I feel like I became popular overnight.  And being popular is something in which I do not have a lot of experience.  I say this ALL THE TIME and people do not believe me but I am definitely more of the reserved, “in the background” type of person.  Being the person that people and seek out is a very interesting experience.  I am indeed grateful to be able to share myself with so many people in such an amazing way.  There are times I don’t feel I deserve it.  And there are others who feel I don’t deserve it either.
My career in fitness started out much like every experience I’ve ever had.  I was an outsider wanting to break into a “secret society” in which I didn’t belong.  I was discouraged from doing so.  I had people turn their noses up at me, exclude me from things, laughed at what I was doing because I went against the norm, chose not to support me and some even went so far as to sabotage my efforts to further my career.  It was the real live version of “Mean Girls”. I thought I had made the entire thing up in my head.  It wasn’t until I started talking to other people outside of the space I was in that I realized this was CRAZY! 🙂  But it gave me the momentum to go beyond what I thought would be a way to make a few extra dollars.  And here I am.

Now, people look at me and want to know how I got here from there.  It’s a long story; much too much for a blog.  It would have to be a three part mini-series and I think I want Angela Bassett to play me. 🙂 I am still disliked by some but now it’s for the OPPOSITE reason.  However, THIS time instead of stressing over it, I decided to share just a little bit for those who feel like they want to be where I am.  There is one little piece everyone seems to miss when they want what someone else has.  I call it the “I-MONY” syndrome.  It’s the wanting to live happily ever after….without the TEST.

I cannot tell you the amount of pain (physical and emotional) I have endured (and am still enduring) to be in this place.  and honestly, I do not really see myself as being in a position that someone should envy.  However, when people are reading my Facebook page and hearing about my classes and my clientele, they seem to forget that I WORKED for every single client and student I have.  I started teaching Zumba before Huntsville even knew what it was.  I can remember having one personal training client ALL MONTH.  People ask me on a daily basis, “what is Piloxing?”  And I have quite a few credit card bills from trainings, plane tickets, hotel fees, meals, doctor’s bills from surgeries, guilt from events that I missed because I was working.  And I am STILL not where I want to be.  Not even close.  I am actually in my bedroom with the door closed RIGHT NOW getting ready to work on some tracks for a new class.  Its success or its failure has my name written all over it.  I am willing to accept the TEST and I deserve the I-MONY without people trying to take it.

Be proud of your tests.  Accept them.  And walk with pride in your testimony.  People are going to talk either way.  2011 is about finding YOUR extraordinary.  And you find it in both.

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