In my best Montel Jordan voice: “This Is How We Do It….” Piloxing (to my Southern friends….it’s not “PIE-Loxing….just had to put that out there) is EXACTLY what you think it is….sort of. It “sounds” like a combination of Pilates and boxing. That is correct. However, it is not the regularly scheduled kickboxing class you are probably used to taking at your local fitness center.

In place of the kicks, we use balance and core work, what I would consider very similar to “barre work” (if you are familiar with that sort of thing). Basically, your legs are going to burn like fire without one roundhouse. The essence of Piloxing is accuracy and control. I am one of those people who love to get their bounce on in a group fitness class. I am moving to the beat and using momentum to keep my energy going. In Piloxing, we are using power. Your form is everything. Practicing and teaching it has taught me to slow down and think of a hook punch as an actual punch not as an opportunity to sling my arms to the beat.

Piloxing is the brainchild of Swedish sweetheart Viveca Jensen and I say that because I have had the opportunity to meet her personally on more than one occasion and she is really dedicated to this program and how it is presented. She is a trained dancer, a trained boxer and a Master Pilates trainer. That girl is fierce. She and her VP of education, Cortney Gornall (who deserves an award for answering all of my e-mails with such patience and grace :)) totally rock. Their tireless dedication makes me work even harder to get Piloxing to the masses.

Be on the lookout. I’m bringing to a gym near you. 🙂

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