The "Exercise Self-Control" Check….

When I was in the second grade, I got my first “check mark” in the third marking period.

If you are familiar with “check marks”, it is when they basically told your parents that you were acting a clown in school even if you were getting straight “A”‘s.  This was my situation.  “Exercise Self Control” was the first check and it was the worse one.  It’s actually the ONLY one I ever received the entire time I was in elementary school but, today, it sticks out at me because I am asking myself…..

Is anybody listening?  Am I talking too much?

This time, Mrs. Caine (who I love DEARLY until this very day) would be proud of me for talking.  See, I just did a radio show on my depression.  And people don’t want me talking about it.  Or talking about anything.  A guy at the gym told me I “can’t” just tell people the reason why they aren’t losing weight is because they are taking in more calories than they are putting out.  I did not want to argue with him about the basics but it’s true.  People do not want to hear that it’s their responsibility to do “additional” when they hire me as a trainer and that they are NOT going to get “Biggest Loser” results by visiting me once a week and doing nothing else.  People do not want me to tell them that they will have to adjust their adjust their Oreo, margarita, fried chicken, fake soy and Pepsi intake.  Because that would be me talking too much.

But, for some reason, I can’t shut up.
It breaks my heart on a daily basis to see people struggling when they don’t have to.  We have become an all or nothing society.  If we can’t exercise in the cutest clothes with the best music in the most ideal environment for one hour on the nose then we won’t do it.  If our greens aren’t prepared for us the way our grandma used t make them then we won’t eat them.  If our kids complain that they don’t like squash, we cave in and feed them McDonald’s and then we do it three more times that week because it’s just “easier”.  We don’t take fitness classes because they are too “girly” or because we don’t want to get our hair messed up.  We have yet to search for options because options, well, who ever thought of that?

I know what it’s like.  Honestly.  I haven’t always been on this side of the fence.  And I want to help.  But how do I help when people classify me as just “talking too much?”  I do not offer information unless I am in a situation to do so. I do not force my lifestyle on anyone.  However, if I saw a bus coming for a friend (or even a stranger), I’d jump and push them out of the way or yell if I couldn’t get to them; whatever I had to do to save their life.  They’d be appreciative, I’m sure and we’d both sleep better that night.  So, I wonder why is it o.k. for me to jump and scream to save your life then but it is considered too much for me to have a conversation to want to save your life now? 

I think I’m going to get another check mark today.

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