The Birth of Tasha Fierce

“Fierce” is defined as intense, untamed, strong, unrestrained.  And I’ll take them all.
But I don’t think that’s what Jessica and Liz meant the day they called me “Tasha Fierce” in class that July day when they thought they were going to die in my summer school class.

Something happens when you give me some free space and a couple of weights or a few pieces of equipment or a great piece of music or a few mats.  Well, really, something just happens when I am given the opportunity to express my creativity.  That day, it just happened to be bootcamp in the college p.e. class I was teaching.  I laughed at them really because I knew it was a play on the “Sasha Fierce” persona of Beyonce.  And I kept going.  I was right in there with them; giving orders and doing the exercises too.  And then I noticed that “persona” kept showing up day after day, even during the worst of times, even when I was tired and exhausted, stressed out, wanting to give up and ready to pull my hair out when life in general was getting the best of me.  When it was time to perform, Tasha Fierce never disappointed.
If you’ve ever seen me in class then you know that I was whipping my hair back and forth long before Willow Smith.  🙂  I love a good performance and being untamed, unrestrained and intense when I was teaching gave me the opportunity to give my all to my students and have them give their all to me.  But I began to notice I was just as intense with my desire to be “unrestrained” in yoga (in a different sort of way) and “unrestrained” in personal training and then “unrestrained” in my life period.  “Unrestrained” took on a different meaning and it went far beyond the physical aspect of who I “thought” Tasha Fierce was.  Unrestrained became a freedom, a knowing, a joyous celebration that I had finally come to terms with being unafraid to be myself because “Tasha Fierce” was really just Tasha no longer afraid to be her unrestricted self.

If you’ve read the F7 motto then you know part of it says “facing our fears and living fiercely anyway”.  I have fear sometimes.  However, the best way for me to deal with them is to face them head on and continue living. When I know my truth, I can deal with my fears.  And I found that most of my fears were really lies I had told about myself.  And I figured all of this out because nine young ladies do a considerable amount of push-ups one summer.  🙂

I have introduced the F.I.E.R.C.E. principles in my newsletter today and plan to share them this week on my blog.  But, before I do, the question is……

Are you ready to be FIERCE?

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