Just For a Moment (Old Post Retrieval)

…let’s get real.  I really think I’ve had enough.

I just left the Barnes and Noble website.  I absolutely love books.  Besides, I have a 15% coupon.  🙂  I immediately go to the Diet/Health section.  I am an advocate of giving all the information I can about everything I can.  I do not believe that MY lifestyle choices are necessarily the best for all of my clients.  As we say in my school, “what’s perfect for one is poison for another.” (Well, we don’t say “exactly” like that but I can’t remember the specific wording right now.  Too fired up.)  I am scrolling through the books, looking at the ones that are now on discount (note to self for a later date) and then I start seeing things like “6 Minutes To This”, “4 Days For This”, “Skinny This”, “An Hour That” and, my personal favorite, a book on how not to LOOK fat.  Th industry has studied us.  We want something quick and painless that doesn’t require much effort.  We want to be skinny, eat what we want and we need all of it to happen in 4 days because that’s when our reunion is or our friend’s wedding is and yeah, we know we should have tried to lose weight months, o.k., YEARS in advance but it’s just (say it with me) SO HARD and you want me to give up everything under the sun where all I’ll be eating is tofu, drinking water and walking on a treadmill…..
Poor you.   Denote the sarcasm.

The day you take responsibility for the glitches in your health is the day things start to change.  When your HEALTH (not your appearance) becomes first priority then the journey takes on a different meaning.  Your perspective changes.  I do understand the desperation.  Been there.  Done that.  To be honest with you, until I changed my life, I don’t remember ever buying a diet book.  I never had a personal trainer.  Honestly, I never realized how overweight I had become until someone I really cared about got mad at me and called me fat.  I never once thought about my family history of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.   After a while, I just embraced that I had gotten bigger…that is, until my son got a little older and I realized that I couldn’t keep up with him.  I couldn’t chase him to the mailbox one day.  That was my defining moment.  He is almost 13 and is still sensitive to the word “fat” because he remembers me being that way although he was a little boy.  He tells my daughter (who only has memories of her mom eating vegetables and working in the gym) “don’t say the word “fat”.  Mom’s sensitive.”

I say all of that to say that there is really a lot of good information out there and you have to decipher what works best for you.  I will tell you that it’s not going to happen in a couple of weeks; definitely not days or hours.  Where do you start?  Who do you believe?

That’s my mission.   To help you figure it out.  In the meantime, use the internet, use Facebook, talk to people who have been successful.  What are they eating?  Where and how do they shop?  What foods make you sick when you eat them?  Who (pay attention) always wants you to go out to eat?  Who do you seem to eat more around?  Drink more water.  Eat more vegetables.  Eat more fruit.  STOP THINKING DEPRIVATION.  Good health is abundance.

Just for a moment, stop the madness.  Get off the rollercoaster.  Let’s start walking this path together.

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