Find Your Extraordinary….

Because really….it’s just about the “extra”.

It came to me while I was playing around with a website I found “accidentally” (and just as a side note…I do not really believe in “accidents” or “coincidence” anymore.  The quotes are for dramatic effect).  As loud and unruly as I can be, I am extremely low key about who I am, what I’ve done and what I can do.  However, as a business owner, I have to be able to get myself out there as well as my message.  I am realizing that people are so used to me giving away free services and free advice that the small concept of this being my career, my full time job escapes them…but I digress.  And that’s how the video started.

I wanted to tell a story, add images of my life, tell my story and…well, I didn’t have an “and”.  I have told my story so many times that I am even tired of hearing it.  Do I just want to hear myself talk?  Or is there something else in my story that even I had not discovered?
Just yesterday, when a friend whom I had not spoken with in a while congratulated me on some accomplishments, my response was “I am no wonder.”  I often tell people, “I am not special.”  And yet I start the video out by saying “I am extraordinary”.  Had I become lost in my own inconsistency?  Or had I found the word that made the difference in my life, that made me look like a “special wonder”….


I changed my life because I was/am willing to do extra.

On my weight loss journey, a person on the outside would think I sacrificed a lot.  I missed a lot of lunches with friends for Pilates and I missed a lot of drinking dates for Slim Fast.   I do not get to out now to all of the new restaurants because of my dietary preferences. As far as building my business, well, that’s another set of “sacrifices”.  I work weird hours.  It’s the day after Christmas and I am making videos and updating blogs while others are watching football and eating hot wings.  My hair is puffy and I am more concerned with finding a new merengue for Zumba tomorrow than I am downloading the new T.I. album.  I have to correct invoices, get my schedule together for tomorrow (yes, I am training and teaching) and I will do it all with a smile on my face. 

I am a successful weight loss story, personal trainer, fitness instructor and now board certified holistic health counselor (the other thing I was doing on nights when I had to miss salsa) because I was willing to do the “extra”.  And I am finally accepting that I am extraordinary and not apologizing for it.

2011 is right upon us.  If your life portrait is not clear, if the color scheme is wrong and you are complaining while holding the paintbrush, you are choosing to be ordinary.  It is a very hard pill to swallow that we are the cause of our suffering and the cause of our inability to progress.  It’s an ordinary habit to blame others.  Take the first step in being extraordinary.  Take control of your life and do the extra. 

And, if your health and wellness is an area in which you need help, reach out to me.  I will support you on your search.

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