#7DayDrinkGreen Challenge and Nanami Tea

I drink a lot.

I know. It’s Cinco De Mayo and you automatically thought I meant margaritas. Well, I like those too but….

I meant I drink lots of liquids. I love lattes, juice, smoothies, water, coconut water, kool-aid if I make it myself, protein shakes and tequila shots (it’s Cinco De Mayo). With all of the changes I’ve had in my health (and budget) lately, it’s become imperative that I make good, sound choices and consume things that are 1) tasty 2) beneficial to my health wise and 3) cost effective.

So, when I was offered the chance to review Nanami’s green teas as a part of my ambassadorship with FitFluential  and participate in their #7DayDrinkGreen challenge, I signed up immediately. Continue reading

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#MotivationalMonday: Move Out of Your Own Shadow

I know what my life used to be and what I used to look like.

I’ve fit in a size 4.  I’ve fit in a size 24.

I’ve seen marriage. Divorce. Life. Death. Grief. Success. Failure. Popularity. Isolation. I’ve been on my knees playing with my kids and on my knees praying they didn’t die. I’ve been the love and forgive everyone type. I’ve been the lock myself up in the house because I might snap and go to jail today type. And we are just talking my adult life. A majority of it has been just in the last two years.

My body and mind have taken a beating. The hardest blows have been from me; trying to keep up with who I was when I thought I was my “best.”

The truth is when you’ve been broken you can recreate something you’ve never been and that can be better than anything you’ve ever seen. Continue reading

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#TransformationTuesday: Dear Caterpillar

Dear Tasha, age 17:

You were so beautiful.

You just didn’t know it.

You had spent your entire life believing the lies you had been fed since early childhood. When family and friends made fun of your skin color, your nose, your introvertedness, your sensitivity, your forehead, your butt, your socioeconomic status, you existed as if only their words mattered. You never looked hard into the mirror you tried to avoid, seeing how amazingly special you really were.

You were a fighter and very few people knew how hard you really had to fight. Continue reading

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The Strong and No So Silent Type by Carleeh Mulholland

The internet seems so big but it’s easy to find your tribe and if you speak up for what you believe in, your tribe will find you.

I met Carleeh a few years ago online.  Jesus. Fitness.  It was a match. We then met in 2015 in person at Blog Fest (can you tell Blog Fest is  a GREAT place to be?) Carleeh is passionate, outgoing and holds true to what she believes.

Here’s her story:

Continue reading

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If I Can, You Can by De Bolton


My paths crossed with De online, somewhere.  🙂 Our love and commitment to our faith and fitness made it easy for us to find each other. We eventually met at Blog Fest last year in Los Angeles.  I love that De is verbal and open about where her heart and desires are and gives God the glory every opportunity she gets for where she has found herself on this journey.

Here’s her story: Continue reading

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