The Christmas Must Haves for Fitness Peeps

It’s o.k. to want things to be easier.

It’s o.k. to want things for Christmas.

It’s o.k. to put it out there that you want things for Christmas to make your life easier, in this case, your fit life.  In a world of stuff to keep us from having to do anything active, it’s nice to know that there are things out there to encourage us to be more active…if we use them.  I know way too many treadmills being used for laundry and I might have a house full of stuff that has never been put to use.

But I digress.

I wanted to pick three GREAT things that I thought would be awesome for a fitness person to have in their Christmas that maybe you could consider getting the active person in your life to inspire them on their journey. Continue reading

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#TuesdaysWithTasha The Drop In Rate

Lack of commitment will cost you.

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#TuesdaysWithTasha Step Away From The Conflict

Because you could just choose to draw boundaries and do what’s best for you!

And congratulations to Ny for winning the Now Foods giveaway!! Please email me at with your shipping information!

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Sweet, Somber November and a @NOWFoods Giveaway!

‘Tis the season to get back to it.

As a personal trainer and a fitness instructor who has been in the industry for over a decade, I know that sounds like an oxymoron.

I’m talking to myself.

When I tell ladies at the gym, “Girl, I get it.  The struggle is real!” I’m not just making small talk. I feel that with EVERY part of my existence.  My struggle has been real, private and public, challenging, back-breaking, earth-shattering, faith-testing, depressing and it has made me question everything about my life; including what I do every day which is love people back to holistic health and wellness. It wasn’t just the emotional stress of my personal life that took me down through there.  It was what stress and heavy activity and age did to my body and my soul.

And now I’m sitting over here recovering from shoulder surgery.

Guess who’s over here like, “Are you serious right now, God?” Continue reading

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#TuesdaysWithTasha Let’s Talk About The Wagon…

……you know, the wagon you keep “falling off of” during the holidays? Yeah, that one.

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