So, What Are You Really Saying?

Rarely am I speechless.

Even if I’m quiet, I’ve always got a good word (argument, dissertation, endless amounts of Michael Jackson, Prince or 90’s R & B lyrics, Bible verse or free style haiku) ready to go.  Yet because of where life has taken me over the last two years, I found myself void of sound. I couldn’t even pray; not vocally. I had to learn how to respond to a cruel world without words.


I heard the word grace a lot.

People told me how I handled things with such grace when I didn’t think I was handling it at all.  Grace wasn’t a word I thought of when I was walking through some of the hardest days of my life.  I was angry.  I was confused.  I didn’t know who to trust.  I was fearful.  And yet the more quiet I became, the more these things became a whisper.  Becoming quiet became more of a strength than the “cop out” I once considered it to be. The more I kept my mouth shut, the more my heart could open.  The more I resisted the temptation to say anything, the more I could do. The more I did, the more I lived.  The more I lived, the more my actions gave life and THAT’S when I could open my mouth.

It was safe again.

I was walking on a new path.

People could get to know the Tasha that was evolving. Continue reading

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#TuesdaysWithTasha Are You Really Busy and Tired?

What are you REALLY saying? 

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#TuesdaysWithTasha When It Rains…

Believe me….I know what it’s like to just want it to stop. But when we don’t get choice about the downfall, we DO get to choose how we view it. 

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#TuesdaysWithTasha ….But I Learned A Lot Along The Way

Grateful for the hurt. Grateful because my eyes are open. Grateful because I know it all works for my good. 

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#TuesdaysWithTasha: Whatcha Lookin’ For?

….chances are, you are going to find it.

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