They Can Mind Their Own Business. Keep Going

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I had just finished up with a client and a regular gym goer approached me and said,
“Doesn’t it bother you that your client don’t change?  Does it bother you that they are obese?  Maybe they should work on their food. That’s what I do.”

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I paused before I opened my mouth.  I wanted to keep my job.

My response was that of a trainer yet it was for the many years I have had to personally deal with people judging my life, my body and my diet without knowing ANYTHING about whether I was really changing or not and if I wasn’t why, my level of commitment, why I kept showing up and why people like him often time made me second guess my choice to be there in the first place.  My response was for all the times I felt like the gym or little boutique fitness places that felt like cliques had quietly told me I didn’t belong. It was for all the times people glared at me or even had the audacity to ask me why I was still “thick” (or full or solid or not thin) when I was a trainer and/or fitness instructor.  My response was for all of the times I starved myself or binge ate in private because I was stuck in trying to live up to standard I would never reach. Those people, “them” were going to kill me with their opinions, if I let them.

I stepped to the mic. Continue reading

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I Needed a Day: Detox Ready

So, I was supposed to share with you about this detox yesterday….

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I needed another day. I had some stuff I needed to get rid of last night or at least start the process.

That’s what the entire detox thing is about; the process.



I won’t waste your time.  I’m 40 years old and I have picked up quite a bit of “stuff” in my lifetime.  21 days is not nearly enough for me to get rid of it.  However, if I don’t start, it’ll keep accumulating and my piles will get bigger and heavier….sort of like the mess that has accumulated in the trunk of my car.  I know someone reading this can relate. (Just hi-five the computer screen.  It’s all good. We are in this together). I’ve been dancing between taking a match to my whole life and having an Angela Bassett moment and starting over (but I have some cute clothes I want to keep), pouring coconut oil over it (because coconut oil is the cure to everything) or just lying out in the floor and screaming until God “fixes” it.  I chose door #4. Continue reading

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It’s Time For A Detox

“Stay positive and keep praying.”


I wanted to scream when a friend spoke these words to me even though I knew it was the ONLY answer to the situation. What else was I suppose to do? I have already figured out that Facebook rants, soy lattes and chocolate cake do not solve problems. Life was happening and I was either going to throw a temper tantrum and demand that it stop with no resolve or I was going to get up and handle what I could and do it with God and a good attitude. Continue reading

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Drink Up and #BeTrueToYourCORE: Review and Giveaway

It’s Cinco de Mayo and the question did arise about what to drink today.

I tried to convince myself that tequila really was the best option but I have goals.



I chose the next best thing:  CORE Organic.

Hydration has been a problem for me lately.  It has gotten randomly hot here quickly in Alabama (we have gotten close to 90 degrees already) and I’m always so busy running from client to client and class to class that I actually forget to drink anything.  And then there is my personal history of drinking 95% of my calories and always having to be mindful not to swallow 3,000 calories of orange juice when I get home because I’m dehydrated and in desperate need of anything cold and delicious.

Basically, CORE Organic has been a life saver on both fronts.

Continue reading

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Mindset Check: Four Words


Four words have created a world of havoc in my life for years:

“I cannot afford it.” 


Those four words were actually a cover up for these four words:

“I am not worthy.” 

Photo Aug 02, 2 48 19 PM

The truth is, at this point in my life, it is not cost effective for me to purchase the blue BMW my heart desires.  The truth is I have the “I cannot afford it” conversation with myself about workout clothes, dinner, coffee, a movie ticket, a dress, an extra couple of avocados, a pair of earrings.  I basically told myself I was not worthy to spend three extra dollars to have a bigger container of guacamole.

The conversation is bigger. Continue reading

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