Between The Five Letter Words

I write better when I’m in the moment.

Right now, I’m having a moment.

Can I just say, for the record, and to go ahead and clear the air before I start with this blog…PEOPLE GET ON MY NERVES!!!!!

There. I admitted it.  I know. I know.  We could all say that.  I’m sure there are plenty people saying that about me, probably even as I type this.  Yet there was something about today that just made me want to talk about these five letter words that I seem to be teeter tottering on with a lot of people.  Because everyone has a story. Here’s mine……. Continue reading

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28 Days To Us: The Time Is NOW

I’m sitting in Starbucks bobbing my head to James Brown and Al Green. My latte has been gone for an hour.

I’m supposed to be creating calendars, balancing my checkbook and answering emails but it just won’t stop.

That nagging.  That “I told you to move and I will guide you” nudge God has been giving me for well over six months now. It has now turned into a throbbing headache that I cannot shake.

I’m probably hungry.


No, I’m stalling because I’m not ready. With everything on the internet, the $10 meal plans, workout guides that promise to have you ripped by 5 p.m., this is NOT the time.  With people more confused than ever about why they are still struggling with the same issues OVER and OVER again with their health and wellness even though we have more information than ever WHY is now the time to speak up?


Because perhaps I’m speaking for someone who can’t. That’s how this whole thing got started in the first place.

Continue reading

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Barre and Body Issues

I know. I’m getting ready for the game too.  🙂


I’m also getting ready for Xtend Barre Huntsville to open this Saturday. The process has been long and we’ve done A LOT of work.  But there is so much work to be done that has NOTHING to do with instructors practicing cueing, choreography or cute little sayings to sprinkle throughout class.  It has to do with changing culture.  It’s time to change the CULTURE of how we see ourselves and who can and cannot take a barre class.

I’ll start with me. Continue reading

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2016 kicked my butt.

Most days, I kicked it back.

Some days, well, I behaved like a spoiled brat who had her toys taken away from her by a bully and just wanted everyone to “play nice.” No, it was NOT fair. Lots of it was cruel and hateful. But hiding in a corner and taking it out on myself was NOT the answer. Problems still exist. I wasn’t the only one who went through last year.

Let’s face it. We ALL lost Prince. Continue reading

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Getting Ready To Xtend: Xtend Barre Huntsville

There are some things that just DON’T go together:

  • Tasha and a bedtime past 9:00 P.M.
  • Tasha and a pantry without peanut butter.
  • Tasha and a car without ten books, three bags and seven boxes on snacks on the seat and floor.
  • Tasha in a barre studio

So…..the idea that I’m getting ready to start teaching in a barre studio on a super consistent basis is a little puzzling to most.

It was puzzling to me too.

Xtend Barre Huntsville

I was actually presented with the opportunity to teach Xtend Barre right after I decided to retire from teaching Zumba (so, to answer the question, no I did not “quit” one to do the other). The truth is I had NEVER even heard of Xtend Barre and, until this very day, I’m not even sure how I ended up finding out about it or how I ended up at an audition. But I did.

And it is one of the best decisions I’ve made in a looooong time. Continue reading

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