Detox Day 21: Uncomfortably Free

It’s over….and I don’t just mean the detox.

Photo Jun 21, 7 38 55 PM

Let me go ahead and confess: this three weeks wasn’t nearly as structured as it should have been.  However, ever since the moment I opened my mouth and said, “God, I need to clean up some stuff,” well, stuff started happening. Really happening.  Cry like a baby, think I am losing my mind, need to schedule an emergency appointment with my therapist, have people lay hands on me and plead the blood of Jesus over me happen. In a way, I feel lighter but confused.  You ever held on to something so long that when it was finally gone you didn’t know what to do without it even though you didn’t need it?


Sort of like the sweatshirt I had been carrying around since grad school when I was over two hundred pounds that I just wouldn’t surrender.  It was WAY too big and outstretched and I finally got rid of it but I kept going to look for it after I had gotten rid of it because it made me feel “comfortable.



That’s what I’m not anymore.  I’m uncomfortable because I’ve had to let go and I don’t know what to do with myself.

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Detox Day 16: The REAL Reason You’re Struggling With Your Weight by Melissa Danielle

As soon as I said “detox,” folks came running.

What was I taking? What was I eating and, more importantly, what was I going to give up?

Nothing. I’m over giving up stuff in the name of weight loss and trying to find approval from people who would never like me anyway.  Been there. Done that.  Could have written ten books on the subject.  The truth of the matter is my REAL transformation came from the knowledge of something bigger.

before after hip healthy chick

I met Melissa while working on the Sistah Vegan project many years ago with Dr. Breeze Harper.  It was an amazing community and while not everyone was vegan, EVERYONE was trying to live a better life.  I eventually followed in Melissa’s footsteps and became a holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  She is the real deal.  Read on. Continue reading

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Detox Day 14: But, God, I Want It So Bad

Even if I didn’t say another word, I’m sure I could just leave that title right there and MANY of you would understand.

Photo Jun 13, 7 37 56 AM (1)

It’s been two weeks of loss….and I don’t mean weight.

Well, it could be weight, depending on how you look at it, but I feel heavier this week with just thought of it, all of it, in my brain. I’m sure somewhere, down the line, hopefully sooner than later, this will all be over and I’ll know it all worked for the good and I was worried for nothing.  Today is not the day.

I have a feeling tomorrow won’t be either.

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Detox Day 11: Retirement

I’m working on yet another Zumba playlist, early on a  Saturday morning, trying to look for new music without curse words and offensive lyrics with a good beat and create choreography with moves that are fun, easy to learn, not too repetitive and can be entertaining and appropriate for ages 8-80, all shapes, ages, colors and fitness levels.

Zumba Huntsville

It is as exhausting as that run on sentence.

Since this detox process has begun, I have been thinking about what I can and cannot live without and how I can be at my happiest with the least amount the stress.  The discussion of hanging up my Zumba shoes has come up more than once.  After people get through laughing at me, they look at me when my expression doesn’t change and say, “Are you serious?” Continue reading

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Detox Day 10: I Woke Up Like This By Amia Freeman

I met Amia Freeman a few years ago at a SCW Mania convention in Atlanta.  I’m not really sure how we got attached but we did.  :)


This is one of the posts that I’m not going to say much other than I get it.  My process continues. Read on.  Continue reading

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