#TuesdaysWithTasha Don’t Judge, Just Listen: #WorldMentalHealthDay

Maybe we need another plan of action instead of telling people to “suck it up.” 

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#TuesdaysWithTasha Just Trying To Love…

I’m sure this seems like a ramble but my heart is so heavy. The world….my God.

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#BreakTheStigma I Have a Therapist

I have issues.

My issues go beyond being fixed over a couple of lattes, a few memes, a funny Snapchat response and a command to be more grateful.
This is why I have a therapist.
On this, the last day of suicide prevention month, I just wanted to say, out loud, that it’s ok to seek professional help. 
A friend posted a clip from The View the other day where the panel was discussing therapy. The two African American women made references to us not really “doing therapy,” like we’ve been taught to not share our problems with strangers and we just learn to work things out.

This is why I have issues.
This is why lots of us have issues; African American women, yes, but people in general. 

We’ve been taught to keep our business to ourselves, fix it ourselves, pray our way out, just let it go, stop thinking about it, choose to not be depressed.

I have a therapist because I have wanted to jump out of a window after talking to people who love me but weren’t objective. They don’t hear me. They hear the culture that says, “if you just do this, you’ll feel better.” Friends and family often times don’t listen. They just want you to stop and “get over it.” They are not trained to help you break patterns. They are not trained to help you hear yourself without judgement. They are trained by the culture that says, “you should be able to get over this on your own and if you’re stuck, it’s your fault.”

I don’t need that. 

People who suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, people who are bipolar, schizophrenic, grieving, dealing with addiction or suicidal; they just don’t need that.

I have a therapist.

I’ve had several therapists. 

I believe my life is better because of it.

I am o.k. with you judging me because of it.

Perhaps I am alive because of it.

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#TuesdaysWithTasha Priorities and Praise

Sometimes one can make you get confused about the other.

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So, What Are You Really Saying?

Rarely am I speechless.

Even if I’m quiet, I’ve always got a good word (argument, dissertation, endless amounts of Michael Jackson, Prince or 90’s R & B lyrics, Bible verse or free style haiku) ready to go.  Yet because of where life has taken me over the last two years, I found myself void of sound. I couldn’t even pray; not vocally. I had to learn how to respond to a cruel world without words.


I heard the word grace a lot.

People told me how I handled things with such grace when I didn’t think I was handling it at all.  Grace wasn’t a word I thought of when I was walking through some of the hardest days of my life.  I was angry.  I was confused.  I didn’t know who to trust.  I was fearful.  And yet the more quiet I became, the more these things became a whisper.  Becoming quiet became more of a strength than the “cop out” I once considered it to be. The more I kept my mouth shut, the more my heart could open.  The more I resisted the temptation to say anything, the more I could do. The more I did, the more I lived.  The more I lived, the more my actions gave life and THAT’S when I could open my mouth.

It was safe again.

I was walking on a new path.

People could get to know the Tasha that was evolving. Continue reading

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